Jenn Lawrence (left) and Kate Koch (right) at the OUIHC Women's Blues Award Night

Jenn Lawrence (left) and Kate Koch (right) at the OUIHC Women’s Blues Award Night

On May 24, 2015, the OUIHC Women’s Blues hosted their annual awards night in Oxford. The women convened mid-afternoon to enjoy the spring weather and to socialize, before moving indoors to proceed with the annual awards. The majority of the awards were decided on by the Captain (Linda Perkiö) in conference with the coaches, with the exception of one, the “Players’ Player”, which had been voted on by the players in the previous week.

To begin the ceremony, Perkiö awarded the “Most Improved” award to a deserving Andrea Francisco, the freshman from Singapore who improved tremendously over the course of the season. “Rookie of the Year” went to Melanie Lam, a rough-and-tough former figure skater who had developed into one of the team’s most dependable defensemen over the course of the season. Both the “Most Valuable Offensive Player” and “Player’s Player” awards went to Jenn Lawrence, and the “Most Valuable Defensive Player” went (to nobody’s surprise) to the true backbone of the team – the goalie, Kate Koch (although had anyone else been in charge, the award would likely have been shared by Captain Perkiö). The “Overall MVP” award went to Jen Brawn, who had performed admirably over the course of the season and also proved a valuable member of the coaching staff.

Lisa Choi was the recipient of the “Simmon’s Trophy” – awarded to the most valuable non-varsity eligible player – as she had spent the second semester of the season in South Korea, doing thesis research. The Coach’s prize went to Ellie Park for her inextinguishable enthusiasm and positive attitude, and the Captain’s Commitment Prize to Pollyanna Fitzgerald, for her dedication to the team, both as teammate and as sports officer.

The ceremony concluded with the entire team applauding Captain Perkiö for her hard work and skill in leading them to such a successful season, and subsequently thanking the coaches for the time and effort they had dedicated to Oxford hockey. Overall, the Awards Night was a fantastic celebration of both the successful 2014-15 season, and Oxford hockey at large.