Caption: The Oxford University Blues prepare for their match against rivals the Oxford Blues (Final score: 6-1 win)

Men’s Blues Ice Hockey – a Discretionary Full Blue Sport

The Oxford Men’s Blues, known in the top BUIHA league as the Oxford University Blues, continue to build on their successful season with an upgrade of Blues Status from Half-Blue to Discretionary Full Blue. The upgrade was passed at a Blues Committee meeting of the University’s Blues captains at the Vincent’s Club on Monday 8th February, week 4 of Hilary term.

The Oxford Blue, established in the early 19th century around the advent of the Boat Race, is the highest sporting accolade awarded by the University of Oxford. It is awarded based on the scholar’s performance during the annual Varsity Match – the athletic competition between the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Blues are a prestigious University award and have been awarded in ice hockey since Charles Little first petitioned for Half-Blue status for the OUIHC in 1933 after relocating the Varsity Match from the continental Europe to England.

The re-establishment of Discretionary Full Blue status, which was lost in the 2012/13 season, adds to a string of successes for OUIHC that include Half Blue status reinstatement in 2014, resurrection of a Blues Varsity Match in 2015 and recognition as Oxford University Sport ‘Club of the Year’ award during the 2015/16 season.

The Blues currently sit atop the BUIHA division 1 south league with 5 wins and 3 losses. In mid March, they will venture to Europe for their annual tour before returning to the UK to compete in the National Championships. The season will end in May in the Blues Varsity Match against the Cambridge University Blues. Tickets are now for sale.