Name: Dan Lock

Degree: MEng Engineering Science

College: St. Edmund Hall

Position: Forward

Hometown: Billericay, Essex, UK

Favourite Little Rascal: Stymie – Eloquent, level-headed and just, Stymie is clearly the most important of the He-Man Womun Haters Club and is the glue which holds them together. Whether it is struggling to get together the club funds or aiding and advising the man in charge I see much of myself in him and aspire to be more like him.

Favourite NHL player: Patrik Elias – A great two-way forward and the reason that I wear #26

What you love about playing for the OUIHC/favourite memory: I love the late night training sessions at the Ice Rink and my favourite memory is the past hour and a half spent watching “The Little Rascals (1994)” so that I can properly answer the earlier question.

Summer plans: Catching up on sleep

Looking forward to next year: I am keen to see the Vikings improve on the past season and challenge in division 2.