Name: Kevin Deagle

College and Degree: St. Antony’s College | MSc Environmental Change and Management

Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta

Position: Forward

Most recent hockey experience before coming to Oxford: University of Toronto Varsity Blues (Canadian Interuniversity Sport)

Who is your favourite historical figure, and why? John Ware. Born into slavery in South Carolina in 1845, Ware moved to Texas after the American Civil war and become a renowned rancher and cowboy. After driving cattle north across the entire country from Texas to Montana, Ware continued across the border into Alberta, playing an integral role in the creation of the province’s ranching industry. Ware could break horses that were said to be unbreakable, and was renowned for his skills and hard-work on the frontier. As a fellow Albertan, I find Ware’s accomplishments inspiring. He built a life and a family on the plains of Alberta, created an industry that continues to benefit many Albertans today, all the while overturning racial stereotypes.

What did you love most about playing for the OUIHC?  I loved meeting men and women from nearly every ice-hockey-playing nation in the world, all sharing the same passion for the game. I especially enjoyed the conversations, ranging from historical debates of the different prowess of various military leaders, to disagreements over the correct translation of Latin phrases, to heated conversations over the minutiae of supply-trade management of the Canadian dairy industry.

What are you doing now? I hope to assume a position in the Federal Government of Canada relating to Indigenous or Environmental policy.


The Oxford University Blues team has had such notable alumni as Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney (two prominent Canadians). I look forward to seeing the future achievements of my teammates, and to watching the ways in which they will improve their corner of the world.


I’m happy to retire from the sport as an Oxford Blue.