Name: Connor Roth

College and Degree: Somerville, Classics (undergrad)

Hometown: Washington, DC, USA

Position: Defense

Most recent hockey experience before coming to Oxford: Hotchkiss Bearcats (USHS-NEPSAC)

Who is your favourite historical figure, and why? William Pierre LeCoq, the first person on historical record to describe the game of hockey (in 1799).

What did you love most about playing for the OUIHC?  The opportunity to play hockey and travel with OUIHC has been unreal and something truly unique to our hockey club; I have skated, toured, and raged with the boys in 7 (and counting!) countries in continental Europe 

Anything else you want to say about yourself? This summer I interned with the NHL in New York, working in their Business Development and International Affairs division. I was able to help the League grow the game of hockey both domestically with the NCAA, America’s college hockey program, as well as internationally with the China Games, 2 NHL preseason games taking place this September in Beijing and Shanghai. It has been an absolutely unbelievable experience and I never would have been able to make as much of an impact without my time skating and learning with OUIHC.