O.U.I.H.C. – A United Club

The Oxford University Ice Hockey Club (OUIHC) constitution was amended to stipulate the OUIHC as a single club of Men’s Blues and Women’s Blues (rather than the OUIHC acronym being plural). Despite the change of the club constitution, the OUIHC had been a single club, of three teams, registered with the University Sports Federation since [...]

Stockholm Tour

In March 2015, the Oxford University Blues sent a team to Sweden to play local teams in Stockholm and establish hockey relations with the University team there. Despite being two separate teams in the league (men's and women's), the Men's Blues invited four of the Women's Blues to join them including two Canadians, their American [...]

Men’s Blues team reformed

After the players of the 2013 Men's Blues left the OUIHC, there has been no Men's Blues team in the OUIHC. This changed in the lead up to the 2014-15 season when the remaining male Oxford University students decided to reinstate a Men's Blues team the purpose of playing the Varsity Match against Cambridge and [...]

Blues players resign from OUIHC

In November 2012 fifteen players from the Men’s Blues team resigned from the University Sports Federation and the OUIHC, fully aware that they were leaving the history of the club behind. In October 2013, a new team independent of the University was formed - The Oxford Blues Varsity Ice Hockey Team, governed by a charity [...]

OUWIHC – women’s team under OUIHC banner – drops ‘W’ in favour of OUIHC unity.

  Oxford University Women’s Ice Hockey Club (OUWIHC), a team name underneath the banner Oxford University Ice Hockey Clubs (OUIHC), was disbanded in order to promote unity of all teams under the Oxford University Ice Hockey Clubs banner – a single club, with three teams, registered with the Oxford University Sports Federation. The Oxford Women's [...]

Oxford University Ice Hockey Clubs constitutionally formed

c.2007 – The Oxford University Ice Hockey Club (the men’s club) and Oxford University Women’s Ice Hockey Club (OUWIHC) unite to form the Oxford University Ice Hockey Clubs (OUIHC) to promote the development of ice hockey at Oxford.

2nd Team rejuvenated

1994 - The second team of the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club was reformed as the Oxford Vikings. The origins of the 'B team' can date back to the 1920's when the OUIHC was established and officially recognised and registered as a sports club of the University of Oxford.

Women’s Ice Hockey Team Established

1981 – In the late winter of 1981 Deborah Coyne, a Commonwealth Scholar at Wadham, frustrated by the lack of opportunity for female hockey founded the Oxford University Women’s Ice Hockey Club (OUWIHC). Women’s ice hockey was a relatively late creation at the University due in large part to the paucity of women’s colleges and [...]

OUIHC players serve in RAF

1940's –During the Second World War several OUIHC players served in the Royal Air Force and following the war the OUIHC maintained close ties with the RAF playing matches with teams from nearby air bases, a tradition which continues on today.

OUIHC given Blues status

1933 – The OUIHC receives Half Blues status from the Oxford University Blues Committee. This Blue status was held and upgraded to Discretionary Full Blue for 79 years before the club lost the status in 2012 when the first team players resigned from the club.