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Graduating Player: Alex Bergin, #19

  Name: Alex Bergin Degree: MSc Physiotherapy, Brookes Hometown: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Position: Centre Favourite Little Rascal: The Dog Favourite NHL Player(s): Steve Yzerman and Joe Sakic What did you love most about playing for the OUIHC/favourite memory: I’ve played a lot of hockey on a lot of good teams in my day and I’ve never come [...]

Returning Player: Connor Roth, #24

  Name: Connor Roth Degree: Classics College: Somerville College Hometown: Washington, DC, USA Position: Defense What you loved about playing for the OUIHC: Winning Favorite Little Rascal: Buckwheat Favorite NHL player: Evgeny Kuznetsov What you love about playing for the OUIHC, favorite memory: Road trips with the boys Summer plans: Living it up in sunny [...]

Returning Player: Dan Lock, #26

  Name: Dan Lock Degree: MEng Engineering Science College: St. Edmund Hall Position: Forward Hometown: Billericay, Essex, UK Favourite Little Rascal: Stymie - Eloquent, level-headed and just, Stymie is clearly the most important of the He-Man Womun Haters Club and is the glue which holds them together. Whether it is struggling to get together the [...]

Graduating Player: Julian NoiseCat, #18

  Name: Julian Brave NoiseCat, aka “Daddy” if your name is Martin Vesely Degree: MSt Global and Imperial History College: Somerville College Hometown: Oakland, California Position: Defenseman Favourite Little Rascal: Martin Vesely, Connor Roth, and Elliot Akama-Garren (who is a little bear, not a little rascal) Favorite NHL player: P.K. Subban What you loved about [...]

Graduating Player: Tomas Alfoldi, #13

  Name: Tomas Alfoldi Degree: Business and Management, Brookes Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia Position: Right wing Favorite Little Rascal: Dunno what Rascals are Favorite NHL player: Pavel Datsyuk What you loved about playing for the OUIHC, favorite memory: Winning against Cambridge What you are doing now: Planning my move to Australia. Plans to stay involved: Hopefully coming [...]

Graduating Player: Jack ‘Woodsy’ Woods, #8

  Name: Jack 'Woodsy' Woods Degree: Sport, Coaching and physical education Hometown: Hong Kong Position: All positions Favorite Little Rascal: Not sure on fav little rascal Favourite NHL player: Bäckström/Lidström What you love about playing for the OUIHC, favorite memory: Winning Nationals twice (2014 & 2016) Summer plans: Taking time out from education and doing some [...]

Graduating Player: Connor Lyons, #29

  Name: Connor Lyons Degree: Master of Public Policy/MPP College: Green Templeton Hometown: London, Ontario, Canada Position: Goaltender Favorite Little Rascal: Fill this in for me? I don't know remember any of them haha Favorite NHL player: Marc-Andre Fleury What you loved about playing for the OUIHC/favourite memory: Winning BUIHA Tier I Nationals in Sheffield. [...]

MBA ice hockey Blue wins Saïd Prize

  CONGRATULATIONS to Nicholas Michael Anstett, #DarkBlue #9 of the Oxford University Blues, #OUIHC and graduate student of Green Templeton College, Oxford Recipient of the 2015-16 Saïd Prize, 'given to the top MBA in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and contribution to the School and wider community'. '...this student has not only achieved greatness in [...]

Graduating Player: Nick Anstett, #9

    Name: Nick Anstett Degree: MBA College: St. Antony’s Hometown: Exeter, Ontario, Canada Position: Centre Favorite Little Rascal: The pickle kid Favourite NHL Player:  Johnny Toews What I loved about OUIHC: the practice times. Nah. But I did love the new best friends. What I’m doing now: working for the Albright Stonebridge Group in [...]

Returning Player: Martin Vesely, #55

  Name: Martin Vesely Degree: Biochemistry College: Somerville College Hometown: Ziar nad Hronom, Slovakia Position: Defence Favourite Little Rascal: I have a few favourites but I've got to say Alfalfa because I love his style and passion for singing. Favourite NHL player: Niclas Kronwall. The way he is able to 'read' the game and to pinch just [...]