The Oxford Men’s Blues, also known as the OUIHC Men’s Blues or Oxford University Blues, form the men’s contingent of the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club.

Playing in the top University league, the roster is made up of predominantly Oxford University students, however, membership is also extended to staff, visiting students, and alumni, in addition to students from other Oxford institutions. While the historic Oxford team has traditionally been exclusive to matriculated students, the Club feels it is prudent to align its values with Oxford University’s continually evolving combination of tradition, prestige, heritage and most importantly, inclusivity – while also maintaining standards for Blues Status and Varsity Match rules which states that only matriculated Oxford University students can play Cambridge in the annual Varsity Match.

As a Varsity team, we uphold the tradition of representing the University of Oxford in the annual ice hockey Varsity Match, which has been held since the first recorded Varsity Match in 1900, and apocryphal match of 1885. Through the University-recognised Varsity Match, matriculated students have an opportunity to earn the coveted Oxford Blue and uphold this longstanding Oxford sporting tradition that dates back to the first ice hockey Blues awarded in 1933. In recent times, the OUIHC Men’s Blues are the only men’s ice hockey team recognised by Oxford University and the only

Oxford men’s hockey team to play the recognised Varsity Match against Cambridge for which students can earn their Blues.

A University rich in hockey history.

Over the years, the Oxford men’s team has seen a number of revivals including 1909, post-WWI in 1920, post-WWII in 1947, and the reinstatement of a Blues team in 2014 after members of the 2013 Men’s Blues resigned from the University club. The acronym OUIHC is historically associated with the men’s teams (including the second team – the Vikings) during which these men’s teams were the only Oxford University teams in existence. However, this acronym now refers to all Blues teams (both men’s and women’s squads) and second teams under the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club banner. The values of unity and inclusion, which were evident in the 1900 team of Englishmen, Scotsmen and Irishmen, grew more international with the inclusion of the Rhodes Scholars and nowadays the team boasts a number of talented hockey players from Canada and the USA to Great Britain and mainland Europe.

Competitive ice hockey in the UK and abroad.

The Oxford University Men’s Blues compete in the top university league in the British University Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA) and in the annual National Championships.  In 2016, the Oxford University Blues went 3-1-0 en route to a 2-1 shootout victory over St Andrew’s University in the semifinals, followed by a 5-1 win in the championship final against Southampton.

The team and Club also tour abroad. These have been supported by OUIHC alumni with Oxford teams travelling to destinations such as Switzerland, Canada and the Czech Republic. In 2017, the Blues toured through Prague, Vienna and Budapest, playing a university team in each.