Men’s Blues European Tour

Women’s Blues Development Camp

Since the early 1900s, Oxford University teams have toured mainland Europe and for several decades the University team played the Varsity Match abroad. Since the formation of the OUIHC in 1921, tours have taken the club to places such as Switzerland, Canada, Scandinavia, South Africa and Germany (playing in Garmisch’s Olympic Stadium – the venue where Great Britain won the gold medal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics).
The club tours to this day and these escapes from Oxford and studying are primarily about experiencing hockey in new places, providing opportunities to explore new cities, bond with our teammates and experience different cultures. Recent tours have seen Blues players venture to Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015, Lake Bled, Slovenia, in 2016, and Prague, Vienna and Budapest in 2017.

The Oxford Women’s Blues hold an annual camp with the purpose of preparing the ladies for the Varsity encounter with Cambridge Women’s Blues. Camps have been held both within the UK and in mainland Europe. In recent years, the number of women competing in University ice hockey has increased substantially and the 2014-15 season saw the introduction of a third women’s team into the league –  the Newcastle Women’s Wildcats. Accommodating for this huge increase in female participation at the university level, the British University Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA) held the inaugural Women’s Tournament in March 2017. The Oxford Women’s Blues went 7 games, 7 wins to be crowned first champions of, what will hopefully be, an annual BUIHA tournament.

Recent Tours & Camps

2017 – Blues Tour – Prague, Vienna, Budapest

2016 – Bled, Slovenia – Blues Tour

At the end of Hilary Term 2016 (mid-March), the Oxford University Blues sent a tour team, consisting of Men’s Blues and two Women’s Blues players, to the picturesque alpine town of Bled in Slovenia. The Blues participated in the annual Bled Cup which draws in teams from all over eastern Europe to participate in this annual tournament. The Blues finished the tournament third in their group with 1 win against MuRi (Finland) and two losses against TS Resman (Slovenia) and Prešov (Slovakia). The ‘Player of the Team‘ award was earned by Blues defensemen and assistant captain Chris Larson for his goals in both games (and impeccable photography skills). A 10-3 win against a local Bled team capped the tour off. An awesome trip proved to be a fantastic opportunity to bond as a team ready for the BUIHA National Championships in April 2016 before the Varsity Match against Cambridge at the start of Trinity Term (May 15th 2016). Tour report coming soon.

2015 – Stockholm, Sweden – Blues Tour

At the start of 2015, the OUIHC sent a tour team to the Swedish capital to establish relations with university hockey there and engage with local culture and play a bit of hockey. For a more detailed account , please read our tour report.

2014 – Oxford Women’s Blues Development Camp

After the Christmas break of the 2013-14, the Oxford Women’s Blues hosted their annual development camp for women in Sheffield, UK. A number of women’s players in the British Universities Ice Hockey Association (BUIHA) leagues also joined the Blues including players from Birmingham, Sheffield and Cambridge. The ladies of the OUIHC continue to lead the development of female university ice hockey players.

2012 – Oxford Women’s Blues Development Camp

To start the second half of the 2011-12 season, the Oxford Women’s Blues hosted their annual development camp in Sheffield, UK. This saw the first time the Blues had travelled to Sheffield for camp after spending recent years on the continent in such places as Finland and the Czech Republic. The camp offered a chance for the new Oxford players to get to the know the team and prepare for the rest of the season before the Varsity Match against the Cambridge Women’s Blues. This camp was notable for the induction of future OUIHC veterans who would go on to lead subsequent Women’s Blues teams to Varsity victories and establish themselves as one of the top teams in non-checking hockey in the University leagues.

2011 – Oxford Women’s Blues Development Camp

In 2011 the Women’s Blues returned to Vierumäki sporting village in Finland. As a versatile and well-equipped centre for the development of sports and education in the fitness field on a European level, the centre not only accommodating for regular Oxford team but in recent years by the British University Ice Hockey Association for the annual Prospect and Elite summer training camps. The Oxford women benefited from the hockey expertise of Coach Eddy Guay and his colleagues, who dedicated their time to develop the Blues players and prepare the team for the second half of their season. The Oxford Women’s Blues went on to shut out the Cambridge Women’s Blues in 2011 Varsity Match 4 – 0, led by Captain Lisette Yorke.

2009 – Oxford Women’s Blues Development Camp

2009 saw the Oxford Women’s Blues and a handful of OUIHC men travel to the Czech Republic for their mid-season development camp. Aside from a great cultural experience it allowed for Oxford players to practice in an arena with great facilities in preparation for their Varsity Matches in March at the end of Hilary Term.